Terms of participation in the 1k3.com partner network for webmasters

The company provides 1k3.com to use and manage the partner network on the domain 1k3.com.

Affiliate network members include advertisers, webmasters and 1k3.com.

Advertisers provide opportunities to advertise their products and services through a variety of advertising tools. Such as graphic banners, text links and other types of advertising tools offered by the advertiser.

Webmasters place advertiser advertising tools on their stated platforms. When a visitor to the advertiser through an advertising tool, placed on the site of the webmaster, comes to the advertiser's site and makes a deal there, the advertising of the webmaster site is considered successful and the webmaster receives a pre-arranged reward.

  1. The order of the contract.
    1. The webmaster must register on the domain registration page 1k3.com.
    2. Individuals who have reached the age of 14 and legal entities, represented by authorized representatives, have the right to register.
    3. After filling out all the data on the registration form and recognizing these rules, the webmaster accepts the conclusion of the contract (offer) of his participation in the partner network 1k3.com.
    4. If these conditions are met, the webmaster receives a confirmation letter to his email address when he registers.
    5. If the participant fails to comply with these conditions, the Company 1k3.com reserves the right to reject registration without giving reasons. In this case, the data transmitted through the registration form is immediately deleted.
    6. Once registration is complete, the webmaster can make full use of the partner network services. The data they set at registration can be changed by a webmaster in his personal office. The exception is the name of the network login.
  2. The subject of the contract.
    1. The company provides 1k3.com to use and manage the partner network on the 1k3.com domain. Affiliate network members include advertisers, webmasters and 1k3.com. Webmasters are individuals or entities that provide a place to advertise on their advertising platforms. Advertisers are legal entities that provide (the right) the opportunity to advertise products and/or services through a partner network 1k3.com products and/or services through so-called affiliate programs through advertising tools.
    2. All payments to individuals from the advertiser are made for marketing purposes for stimulating purchasing activity, attracting new customers or making a purchase (further bonus).
    3. At the conclusion of this agreement, members are notified and agree that 1k3.com monitors and records all transactions and provides the webmaster with information about it, as well as making bonus calculations. 1k3.com makes a final decision on whether the transaction has actually taken place or not.
    4. Webmaster's participation in the partner network 1k3.com free.
    5. 1k3.com is constantly developing and improving the services of its partner network. In this regard, 1k3.com reserves the right to completely or partially stop one of the services if preventive work requires, improving the functions of the service or changing the service provided.
  3. Participation in the partner network.
    1. All advertising platforms that comply with the Laws of Ukraine, the rules of this public contract and the 1k3.com allowed by moderators to work are accepted to participate in the activities of the partner netwo b Traffic from social networks and search engines is also allow b All advertising platforms, declared by the webmaster to the partnership, are pre-moderated by experts 1k3.com.
    2. Moderation immediately excludes advertising platforms that use methods of forcing visitors to make transactions, such as forced clicking, forcing to send paid text messages and other similar metho b Advertising platforms that are under development are also not allowed, and it is forbidden to buy traffic in Active Advertising Systems (CAP, WmMail, Seosprint, etc.), Buxach and similar systems.
    3. The webmaster applies for a partnership to the program, thus recognizing the possible additional conditions of participation in the partnership, which the advertiser can add to the description of his program and which will be shown to the webmaster. These additional conditions are in addition to these conditions 1k3.com.
    4. The decision to allow a webmaster to partner lies entirely with the advertiser. The webmaster has no legal basis for obtaining such a permit if the opposite decision has been made.
    5. 1k3.com reserves the right to request traffic data and access to advertising site statistics. The webmaster in this case must provide the required data within 14 days, otherwise 1k3.com reserves the right to stop advertising on the partner's website and/or take other measures to protect the interests of the Advertiser whose advertising is demonstrated on the Webmaster site.
  4. The rights and responsibilities of a webmaster.
    1. The webmaster ensures that the data sent to them through the registration form is complete and true. If any of this data is changed, the webmaster is required to change it in his personal office in a short period of time.
    2. The Webmaster undertakes to strictly preserve your data (login and password) to access the affiliate network 1k3.com and prevent them from falling into third hands.
    3. The webmaster ensures that he has the necessary rights to conduct marketing events on the advertising platforms he claims. He himself bears any legal and property responsibility for what is happening on his advertising platforms.
    4. The Webmaster undertakes not to infringe on the rights of third rights holders to brand, trademark, brand, personal rights and other rights without the permission of the rights holders, in accordance with the existing Ukraine's legislation. The webmaster undertakes not to use content on its advertising platform that violates the laws of Ukraine, or leads to pages that violate the laws of Ukraine. When sending advertising materials containing advertisers' advertising tools, the webmaster is not allowed to use unwanted mailing (spam) using e-mail. To send an advertisement by email, the webmaster must have consent from each recipient and provide 1k3.com proof of this when requested.
    5. The Webmaster undertakes not to take any action that affects the operation of the 1k3.com affiliate network. Such actions are defined as attempts to technically influence the health of partner network servers, attempts to hack security mechanisms, use viruses, trojans, and other malware for any purpose. Use brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, spam, link use and any other processes that might damage the partner network.
    6. The webmaster is only entitled to have one account. An account is created one for one individual or one for one entity. If an individual is performing official duties in the state or for a legal entity that has an account on the affiliate network 1k3.com, it is prohibited by these rules to create a personal account of an individual to carry out his or her personal account responsibilities for the legal entity.
  5. The partner network 1k3.com is prohibited.
    1. Attempt to conclude deals by methods or means contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine, these Rules, additional rules of advertisers.
    2. Imitation of transactions by entering knowingly incorrect, non-existent or other people's data without the knowledge of their owner when ordering goods or services in any way.
    3. Apply methods of advertising that make it possible to register a paid action, but force the visitor to perform these actions through deception, blackmail or any other actions that violate the freedom of choice of the visitor.
    4. The use of data from an advertiser or a third party protected by a registered trademark, copyright, other legally registered rights of the holder, without the written permission of these rights holders in any form of Advertising. 1k3.com reserves the right to request such written permission on request within 5 (Five) calendar days of the requirement.
    5. Do not use advertising materials, including a brand, from one advertiser to promote another advertiser's website.
    6. Do not use any technology or cookie stuffing (cookie dropping). It is forbidden to use scripts that allow you to put cookies of sites that the user has not visited or viewed. Do not rearrange, replace, rub user cookies to other sites that the user has viewed, including spoofing cookies using popas, iframe, and address insertsubstitution a third page as a picture on an existing site.
    7. It is forbidden to register and/or use domains similar to the domains of advertiser sites to promote.
    8. When the above violations are detected, the webmaster account is immediately blocked and all earned rewards received through these violations are passed to the advertiser. The webmaster is notified by the administration of the decision. The webmaster has the right to appeal the decision within one month. And also after blocking the account, it is forbidden to create a second one.
    9. For the above violations, the webmaster is obliged to pay a fine of 1 000 USD. If, due to webmaster violations of these Rules by a third party, administrative or other legal liability is brought against the 1k3.com, then all costs of the process (judicial costs) and other costs resulting from this are fully held with the guilty webmaster.
  6. Paying for webmaster services.
    1. The webmaster receives a bonus from 1k3.com, which directly depends on the success of achieving marketing goals.
    2. In each individual case, the amount of remuneration is determined by the type of paid action and the rate set by the advertiser for the action at the time of the transaction. The advertiser has the right to change the tariff in the future. Thus, such a change has no effect on actions already committed before the action changes. The webmaster has no right to claim another tariff for him. With the current tariffs Webmaster undertakes to familiarize itself in the interface of the partner network 1k3.com, going to the https://publishers.1k3.com/offers after registration. Applying for participation in the program shows the agreement with the current tariffs.
    3. In addition to the bonus due to it, the webmaster is not entitled to reimbursement for the costs incurred for the use of third-party services, programs or services not provided by the partner network 1k3.com, even if the costs were associated with it advertising activities within the partner network 1k3.com.
    4. The right to receive a bonus is only granted if all in the complex meet the following conditions:
      1. Through the advertising activities of the webmaster, a targeted action was taken on the advertiser's side.
      2. The action was registered by the 1k3.com partner network's tracking tools.
      3. The action was allowed to be calculated by the advertiser and confirmed by the partner network 1k3.com;
      4. The webmaster did not violate the current Rules under paragraph 5.
    5. 1k3.com maintains an internal checking account for each webmaster through which all enrolment and remuneration transactions are carried out. The minimum remuneration is $10. When this amount is reached, the webmaster can apply for payment in his personal office and 1k3.com transfer the amount of the reward to a previously set webmaster account in his personal office. If the webmaster does not apply for remuneration, the amount of the reward remains in his account and can be withdrawn at any other time.
    6. 1k3.com pays remuneration only on applications submitted on time.
    7. The amount of remuneration on the account of the webmaster in the partner network 1k3.com is not charged interest, regardless of the term of payment.
    8. In order to receive payments to a legal entity, an additional contract is required.
  7. The expiration date of this public contract and its completion.
    1. This public contract is for an indefinite period of time.
    2. Parties may terminate the contract at will at any given time.
    3. After the termination of the contract, these webmasters are preserved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and after this period are removed from the system.
    4. If the termination of the contract is due to violations of these Rules, the webmaster pays the fine stipulated by this Rules in accordance with paragraph 5.9.
  8. Data protection.
    1. 1k3.com stores and processes data obtained solely through the forms of registration and introduction of data in the webmaster's private office, as well as the data obtained during participation in the partner network 1k3.com.
    2. 1k3.com guarantees the safety of personal data. Personal data is used solely to ensure the partner network is operating and is not shared with third parties.
    3. Contact data obtained through the 1k3.com partner network interface forms are used to communicate between the partner network 1k3.com and the webmaster. In your personal office, it is possible to disable the parcel of many messages, but it is recommended to receive them, because it often contains important information.
    4. The most important system messages are sent regardless of the webmaster settings. This is due to the high importance of messages. It is 1k3.com left to the decision to determine the importance of the message.
    5. In addition to the methods specified in paragraphs 8.2 and 8.3, the processing and use of data may only take place with the explicit consent of the data owner.
    6. The Webmaster undertakes to keep in secret the data he receives from the affiliate network by e-mail.
  9. The rights to use the information.
    1. Information obtained through the 1k3.com partner network is permitted to be used exclusively with the partner network 1k3.com. Transfer to third parties and use for other purposes is prohibited.
    2. The affiliate network 1k3.com and its components (products and applications) are protected by the current Ukrainian copyright and related rights legislation.
    3. 1k3.com grants webmasters a temporary, non-exclusive right to use the services and applications they provide and the data they provide solely as part of their participation in the 1k3.com partner network. If the contract is terminated, the right expires.
    4. Other uses of information are prohibited. Webmaster STRYSIS TO TRANSFER the rights granted to him to use services, applications and data to third parties in full or in part, to provide access to them, to modify or process in any other way, to transfer in other forms or create their own databases or information services.
    5. In case of violation of these rights of use, 1k3.com reserves the right to use other legal means, except for the termination of the contract. If, due to webmaster violations of these Rules by a third party, administrative or other legal liability is brought against the 1k3.com, all costs of the process and other costs resulting from this are fully withheld from the perpetrator. Webmaster.
  10. Responsibility and restrictions on liability.
    1. 1k3.com is not liable for damage or interference caused by third party web content, software errors or technology by affiliate d'etat, or damage caused by under-accessibility or limited functionality of the Internet.
    2. 1k3.com is otherwise responsible for
      1. Intentional or gross negligence of its legal representatives or senior staff;
      2. If there is a breach of the substantial obligations of the contract, which make it possible to implement these Rules and for which other
    3. Material liability under paragraph 10.2 is limited to the redress of the actual damages to be determined by the participants or by a court decision.
    4. The above liability restrictions do not apply to the 1k3.com guarantee obligations or the activities of the partner network 1k3.com danger to life and health.
  11. Changes to these Rules.
    1. 1k3.com reserves the right to amend the less important provisions of these Rules without justification and at any time if these changes do not affect the basic provisions of these Rules. Changes are sent by email at least two weeks before take effect. If the webmaster does not object in writing to the changes within four weeks of receiving them to his email address, the changes will take effect for it.
    2. If the webmaster objects to the changes, then they are not considered to have taken effect for it. In this case, the mutual right to terminate the contract remains in force and the parties have the right to terminate the contract in a non-judicial manner.
  12. Final provisions.
    1. If certain provisions of these Rules are fully or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remains in force. The invalid position is considered to be replaced by another one closest in meaning and purpose. The same applies to possible missed provisions of these Rules.
    2. Rights and responsibilities following these Rules may only be transferred to a third party with the permission of 1k3.com.
    3. The current legislation of Ukraine is applied in court to resolve disputes. Disputes between legal entities registered in Ukraine are considered in the Court of Arbitration of the city of Kiev.
    4. Certain technical tools and software systems, telecommunications networks and third-party services are required to use the services of the 1k3.com partner network. 1k3.com is not liable for expiring costs, possible damage sway and interference.

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